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Education should be the base of any lifestyle changes, including adding CBD to your daily regimen. Always make sure that all information is properly cited from reputable sources; meaning, don’t believe every article or blog you read without fact checking or knowing their source of information. With the power of the internet, we have access to endless search engines and resources, which can work in your favor if used correctly. Below are a few examples of great resource tools and credible scientific evidence. These should serve as an excellent foundation to begin your CBD research. is our favorite tool to use for beginners and experts alike. They cover everything you need to know, from defining CBD to in-depth articles on specific conditions. The science is easy to understand, but it is always linked to scientific and clinical research studies, like those on is the world’s largest medical library, and medical professionals in all fields use it, but it is also freely accessible to the public. These articles are comprehensive but can be hard to understand for the average person. is another excellent benefit tool for growing your knowledge in the cannabis world. Also, the Realm of Caring is a nonprofit that provides support for families using Cannabidiol products, free of charge.

Again, these resources should serve as the base of your cannabis knowledge, but new
information and studies are coming out daily, so always stay updated. Knowledge is
power, and this power could be the first step to improving the quality of your life.

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