Lucky Elk Delta 8 THC Pre Roll Pack

Lucky Elk Delta 8 THC Pre Roll Pack

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Lucky Elk Delta-8 infused flower is our favorite D-8 infused flower to date. They start off with a specific strain of flower grown organically in living soil. They then infuse it with Delta-8 via a cold infusion method. It is then covered in CBG Kief for the best experience, making this a tasty selection that packs a punch! 

We now carry a variety of strains.

Pre roll come in a pack of 6 with 4.5g total weight. Each pre roll has 0.75g.

  • Solventless natural infusion
  • 10% Delta-8
  • 12% CBD
  • 26% total cannabinoids
  • Grown organically in living soil

Read more about their cold infusion here