Dankadence Vape Cart 1ml - 600mg total cannabinoids with 425mg of CBD


Dankadence Vape Carts are the perfect on the go relief. Excellent taste with a potent extract at over 600mg of total cannabinoids per 1ml Cart! Our formula has no additives or stabilizing ingredients. Simply Steam distilled extract and terpenes, that's it! 

Made with broad Spectrum distillate and a top-shelf terpene profile, there are 40 plus terps in every cart to provide you with excellent, fast-acting relief and amazing taste. We only use ceramic coil carts with no metal and no cotton for the perfect vaping experience.

under 0.3% THC

Each 1ml has 88% distillate and 12% terpenes with no other ingredients! Each cart contains 425mg of CBD and 175mg of additional cannabinoids. 

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