Dankadence Full Spectrum CBD Vape Cart 1ml 600mg / 675mg


Our In house Dankadence Full Spectrum CBD Vapes are carefully sourced and produced to ensure the safest and highest quality vaping experience. With just two simple ingredients, Steam distilled Cannabis extract and Abstrax Tech terpenes, we never use any cutting agents or fillers. Our excellent minor cannabinoid and terpene profiles ensure consistent and effective relief. Lastly, we only use full ceramic hardware to provide top-shelf flavor.

  • Sativa & Hybrid Strains - 425mg CBD & 175mg Minor Cannabinoids
  • Indica Strains - 425mg CBD, 175mg minors & an additional 75mg CBN
  • Astria Tech Full Ceramic 1ml Carts
  • 9% Abstrax Tech Terpenes
  • Batch Tracked COA

Sativa Strains - Strawberry Cough & Tropicanna Cookies

Hybrid Strains - OG Kush & Sour Tsunami

Indica Strains - Northern Lights & Blue Dream

*Federally compliant with under 0.3% D9 THC*

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