Dankadence Orange Crush 10mg Delta9 THC Hard Candy


Dankdence Orange Crush hard candies are thoughtfully crafted and fully lab tested with consistent dosing in mind. Each candy is dosed with 10mg of hemp derived Delta-9 THC, so these hard candies are sure to pack a citrusy punch, every time.

Gluten free + Vegan these gummies are great for all dietary lifestyles. 


Federally Legal in all 50 states, this product is derived from hemp and contains under 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis in compliance with the Federal Farm Bill. 

These incredible edibles come in a 5 count and a 15 count.


Shipping chocolates + gummies during warmer months can result in the melting of an edible. If you are worried about a product being melted, try putting it in the freezer to firm up before consuming or breaking apart. Coastal Green is not liable for any damages to edibles during the warmer months. 

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