800mg Delta-8 Dankadence Vape 1mL - BUY TWO GET ONE FREE


Dankadence Vapes are carefully sourced and produced to ensure the safest and highest quality vaping experience. With just two simple ingredients, steam distilled cannabis extract and organically derived terpenes. We never use any cutting agents or fillers. Our excellent minor cannabinoid and terpene profiles ensure consistent and effective relief. Lastly, we only use full ceramic hardware to provide top-shelf flavor.

  • Over 800mg Deta-8-THC per 1ml cart
  • Astria Tech Full Ceramic 1ml Carts
  • 9% Abstrax Tech Terpenes
  • No cutting agent & no filler
  • Batch Tracked COA
  • Sativa - Clementine
  • Hybrid - Zkittelz
  • Indica - Grape Ape

Even our packaging is thoughtfully designed. Our boxes are printed on hemp paper and our plastic tubes are made from recycled ocean plastic. 

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