• Beginners Guide

    Beginners Guide

    The perfect place to start for beginners! This guide will cover the basics, link to great resources and cover the information you need to get started on your CBD journey.
  • Safety


    The public demand for CBD products has rapidly expanded over the last decade and has been a driving force to the robust growth of the overall CBD industry. However, due to a lack of FDA oversight, and as support for...

  • Legal Facts

    Legal Facts

    Legality issues are one of the most common concerns among consumers using CBD supplements across the nation. From traveling with CBD to vaping in public, people are worried about law enforcement interactions. Growing your knowledge about the legality of hemp...

  • Research


    Education should be the base of any lifestyle changes, including adding CBD to your daily regimen. Always make sure that all information is properly cited from reputable sources; meaning, don’t believe every article or blog you read without fact checking...